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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Teochew Sauce Chicken

So I cooked, teochew sauce chicken....

the wok beckons ....

I wanted to learn it cos it is something that is...

distinctively teochew =)

Call it searching my roots lol

Any ways this is how it went.

My sis cut the garlic and chili.

First put in about a table spoon and a half of oil in wok.

Let it simmer with a small flame.

Once the oil is heated, add in garlic. About a handful.

Wait till slightly golden brown.

Throw in chili again about a handful.

Oh yeah... smell the sizzle ;)

Throw in chicken. Cook till the chicken is no longer pinky.

Add in a table spoon and a half of Dark sauce. Evil evil stuff!

You should prepared the dark sauce in a small bowl first. Add in a packet of sugar (those small packs will do).

Fill with water till chicken is submerged.

Cook for about 10 mins.

Ta daa!


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