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Friday, November 25, 2011

A Song to Remember

So I am currently watching "A Song to remember".

Actually I am supposed to study. But I have a toothache, so blankly staring at something is kinda my default mode now.

I visibly told myself not to catch another serial, but damn the toothache (haha I have found my scapegoat w00t!).

Anyways the serial is still in funny mode, so it was amusing. My favourite character is probably 牛奶瓶 (I cannot remember his name).

Julie Tan was fun to watch too, cute and amusing (which is her role at the moment .. I think?)

He (牛奶瓶) gave her two cookies! and then ran for fear that she would ask for the last cookie. That was hilarious, but how often is life like that =)

Any ways the funny part that resonate with me was the dentist that tried to pull out his teeth. My god. The sad part was I think, its still like that with many dentists. My mom got most of her teeth pulled out over time. Every dentist I met (alright not so many just one, but it was a high level one highly recommended by another rather senior personnel), also just took one look and wanted to do surgery on me. I mumbled something and left. (Oh I did'nt lose any teeth in the meantime and that was like a few years ago already)

Only recently did I meet a dentist that tries to save my teeth rather then evict them. And guess what, he was'nt locally trained. wow.

here is a link to some pics of the set, there is even the olden day dentist scene there !

Other interesting titbits about the show: there is a couple acting as a couple in the show. =)

Oh the toothache I am having now? Its not due to decay but heatiness. (I just went to the dentist to check and had a filling so it should have been detected no?) But guess what, going to the dentist and telling him I have a toothache will probably result in an eviction notice =P Even with my current dentist I am sure =P

How do I know it is just heatiness? Its my body, and its reacting differently from before. (Besides, the pain moves. So what, you want to pull my upper molar, then my lower molar, go ahead do it to yourself, but leave mine alone thank you very much =P)But these are things a doctor is unlikely to catch. Much like science is unable to capture the specifics.


Well its really 20111217 now so I ahve been following the serial for a bit, I actually was'nt too keen on it. The whole Shanghai tan 上海摊 thing does'nt really get me. But Julie Tan is pretty =P *jkjk* (not the pretty part but the reason part =P). I thought it was quite a funny show, and it slowly progresses to be more dramatic and serious perhaps sombre? And it has some nice gems like this one

There are apparently a two versions =)

one by 许美静 and one by 徐亦晴

I was hoping it was Julie Tan's voice but it was'nt =P it was the song and voice that I loved tho so there... =)

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