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Sunday, November 01, 2009


There is a hole in my heart that no one can ever fill.

For I took a piece of it and gave it to my first love but had nothing in return.

Over the years, my poor heart has gotten more holes.

I believe I shall call it lumpy.

Hello lumpy! =D

someday some one might give her heart to me... but I only have a a lumpy one ...


now if I were religious I'd say that God will heal it all and make my heart brand new

but is it still my lumpy old heart then?

It'd be all brand new and sparkly I guess lol

Why do i blabber so? A friend is getting married on the 28th of Nov... but I then recalled, 29th Nov is her birthday. My sis says its useless information I should forget. Am I still me if I forget though?

I have better things to do I guess =D


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