A Huffalump lives here: July 2006

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Japan on the Rise: A Random thought

Just a random thought that crossed my mind.

Japan is a nation on the upswing.

In the past 5-10 years.

Now the areas i look at are MTG, software, football and anime =P

But seriously, this are all recreational (aside from the software bit but even that is debatable)

MTG: the Japanese pro-players are now among the best. They have pro-tour cards of them for God's sake =)

Software: Ruby. 'nuff said

Football: Though not the cup holders, they are definitely in the game.

Anime: They flat out beat anyone here. The first anime like movie (I think) - "The Last Unicorn", though it was an American production company, the company that did the art was.... Japanese =)

Yeah just a random though, Japan is a nation on the rise.

Perhaps this is a spillover effect from the industrilisation era.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Empathy - The Key to Success

Now I got this off another website:

The fish said,'You can't see my tears, 'cause I am in the water,' Water said,'I can feel your tears, 'cause you are in my heart.'

But I have heard this one before, it is more of a Ocean or Sea rather than water, and its originally spanish????

Anyways I got this off a chinese TV serial =)

But it was old news, nice touching but old news.

So the lead guy tells the girl, he has this hatred for his ex, and he cannot undo that hatred. Then he goes on to spout this little fish and water story.

The nice twist (I feel) the director/scriptwriter did was this:

The girl then said, "I know why you cannot undo the hatred, because though your loved one was the fish, you were'nt the ocean"

I think it was a very reflective moment =)

We all hear niceties and like to think we are so noble and good, we are always the moral protoganist (sp?).

Even the female lead after saying this, at a later part of the show, realises that she herself was not the ocean. Except that now it was not a love between couples relationship, but a love between friends (err friendship not the les variety =p). She was not forgiving, and hated her friend for causing the death of her husband. But she had not shown empathy.

And that is the key thing here: Empathy.

In going through life, it is much easier to understand why things are such. Then it is easier to let go. Or if you are the manipulative sort, it is easier to weasel your way through ;) In any case empathy is a very strong characteristic for a person to have. All great leaders need it. All great evil doers need it too ;) It is a sword, the morals are that of the person wielding it.

Man this sounds so Jedi hahahahahah
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