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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Movies Ihave watched recently ......

Hmm haven't really typed out anything lately.

And its already March!

How time flies.

I wish I could say I have done something significant, but i have'nt.

Maybe march is the time to start.

I watched a few movies....

Ip Man, Chi Bi II, Underworld Rise of the Lycans (Which was'nt too great...)

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Ip Man did have a few good messages.. and it is something aking to "Hitler: the rise of evil", where good men must make a choice and a stand.

One has to however be strategic about where you put your alliances and talent to use.

For instance in the show there was a very patriotic Chinese who just got himself killed, by persisting to fight.

He died in the end ... (in retrospect, perhaps you need spirited individuals like that person, to die and kick sense into everyone, for up to that point, everyone was being very Singaporean actually =) ... i.e. "if things are not so bad... just let it go.")

But for the sake of his own life, he would perhaps be better off stepping down. For even Ip Man, strong as he is will die to a bullet.

And even if the masses are stirred to rise, as in the show, they would not withstand the fury of a full fledged conventional assault.

Hence the need for stategy I guess. I would like to think that in an idealized world, good and justice will prevail, and in fact I do, but the pragmatic side of me suggest that this is only possible with a little luck and thinking.

And that was Ip Man.

For Chi Bi II, it was good =) nothing bad about it. There was a part about Zhuge Liang asking his friend if the terrapin was sweating. Which was comical and we do not know if he is refering to his friend Cao cao or what =P

but he was referring to the real tortoise of course and being perfectly serious..... the change in weather in the show would result in warm air, the terrapin, being cold blooded and all would have cold skin, which would cause water to condense on its skin when the warm air approaches. So no he was'nt taking a dig at anyone =P

One of my friend did mention that the ending was not so accurate. Cao Cao was actually set free by Zhuge Liang, not Zhou Yu. The story goes that Zhuge Liang, fearing too much power in the hands of Sun Quan and Zhou Yu, allowed Cao Cao to escape so that the 3 Kingdoms will continue to balance each other.

Cao Cao (in the text) supposedly was allowed to run to the area where Guan Yu was guarding, seeing that Cao Cao had previously spared Guan yu, Guan yu allowed him to escape.

I have no idea if this is correct since I have never read the text (though I intend to =P)

The last movie.... Underworld....

Oh this was sad... i think the colour of the show was too bluish black... not enough colour and i thought this was a development in thestory but actually it was a retcon job. It was to tell the story before Underworld... i was initially very lost when the female lead got killed...


enough for now... time to click on my MH


and it was amiss!

12:57pm tomorrow
Justin Sossin sounded the Hunter’s Horn, but my radioactive blue cheese failed to attract a mouse.


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