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Saturday, July 28, 2007

National Library @ Orchard is moving

Hmmmm I have only been there a few times and it is cosy.....

I do home they will keep a library in Orchard... hope its just a renovation.

Visit the link =)

You can write limericks or haikus or you can send in photos of yourself in the Library =)

Also there is a going away party on the 30th of November. Not many details but I guess more news will come out.

Incidentally I only haunt the AMK and Bishan libraries lol

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance refers to a form of insurance where it is purely insurance protection and does not build any cash value.

Also in term life insurance, normally insurance is only purchased for a specific period of time. e.g. 1 year, 5 years and so on. Usually a death benefit is still paid to the beneficiary should the insured individual decease during the period for which the insurance is purchased.

So what is the difference. There is no real answer and you really should check with the agent proffering the insurance. The term insurance may not or may not cover things like debt and education for the beneficiaries. The key thing is that payout is only upon death of the insurer as opposed to other froms of insurance where payout is eventual. Premiums are usually lower since studies have shown that term insurance do not pay out always, whereas for other forms of insurance the payout is eventually given (assuming all premiums are paid and no fraud is involved and so on). Note that term insurance can be for life as well, as in you can get term life insurance quotes, it may simply that the term is for life or for a period that is as good as for life =) Just remember that there is no cash accrued, so read your life insurance quotes carefully.

Given that, term insurance may be an economic way to insure, so long as you are not viewing as an investmant or savings as well. Many companies actually practise term insurance for their staff, since for the time of there employment they can be insured and cash accrued makes no real sense since there is turnover.

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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Heroes in a Half Shell

There are just too many jokes here...

Heroes in a half shell!!

Turtle Power!!!

Oh and its solar powered =)

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Transformers - Crash For the New Generation?


- More than meets the eye?

Well as an old coot from the eighties I was somewhat disappointed.

Where is the cool music???

Okie so the original music from the series is a little obiang by today's standards, but the music from Transformers: The Movie is a real doozy. Way cool!

Things Like

  • "you can win if you dare" - I don't know the title, but it has Hot Rod cruisin' some cool

  • The touch - Optimus Prime's entry music haha, oh and Optimus whipped Megatron's cybertronic butt, not the other way round lol

  • And the theme song. - Metal for the kids ;)

Oh and how can one forget the iconic "Dare to be Stupid" by Weird Al =)

Still the movie (the real CGI one) is not too bad, at least the robots look real enough, and Bumblebee was hilarious. I do wish the Autobot and Decepticon insignia was larger =P

Starscream did'nt look like Starscream *hic* did'nt look like Starscream, then again neither does Ironhide and em.. actually everyone!!

Except Optimus, and even then, instead of a faceplate, they give him a face this time! Ermm.. yeah!

I guess as a first movie it had to sort of introduce, exactly what is a Transformer.

And to be fair, even the storyline is sketchy, what with the franchise going up and down.

I think this is a show the young will like (most of the people I know are like 20+ and they seem to like it). The gals are like "the big robots are oh so cute!!!"... ermm yah =)

Really if you have caught the movie "Transformers". Go catch "Transformers:The Movie", it is darker and way way cooler ;)

I mean the show was practically PG, nobody died (except for one autobot). No blood was spilled. This was with hugh hulking robots trashing the city and no one got squished. tsk tsk. No it can get really bad (think Animatrix, or Pan's Labyrinth) I know, but I dunno its almost unreal. Oh yah the jokes were corny, but hey the original series was corny too, so I'm cool with that. =P

All in all, I felt alienated from someone watching the movie from the perspective of the old cartoons and so on.

But watching the original series, and comparing it with what kids watch today. I have to admit, the franchise is really gearing for the new generation of fans, not eighties cooties like me. Our time was that of Transformers:The Movie.

And yes, I did enjoy the movie =) I just thought it could have done the original more justice.

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