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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Movies I watched .. Hellboy 赤壁 Hancock and err Shao Nain Yang Jia Jiang =D

So I watch some shows recently the latest being 赤壁 and before that Hellboy and Hancock

Hancock was alright.. but too short storyish... like can you see a serial coming from this?.... I can't

I tot it was cute... but tired.

Too much Will Smith acting matured and all..... see I am Legend

any MTG fan will be able to tell you that you are obsolete outmoded Theresa era etc

kay... bad MTG joke.

Hell boy... man it was hell...

no it was'nt quite that bad.. but close....

too cartoony.

I dunno. The first Hellboy was fine... it was the same cornball jokes.... and hey to prep myself I actually watched the first show in 2004 directed by Guillermo del Toro ... both... by Guillermo del Toro

this I am surprised....

so why did the jokes in part 2 suck so bad....

I dunno.

Though I think Guillermo del Toro directed Pan's Labyrinth now that was a very dark and well done show.... there is a horrific beauty about it.

So the director was rather stylised and made a pretty good first Hellboy... so I guess I was expecting more.

One of the messages in Hellboy II was to die beautifully... that though you may be maligned but it is still wrong to go all wonky and destroy the world. Something like that.

I guess I can't relate.

Maybe it is the morals.

HellBoy I had this line said by Myers.


That has so many biblical connoctations.

Background. Hellboy is a demon. His "father" took him on the "good" side, hence he had a choice.

Also there was the scene where, when Hellboy uttered his real name, his horns grew. It is evocative of the power of your NAME. For instance Jesus means Son of God. God Himself is known by His many names. Even in Hindu the gods have many facets. So the power of the name (the power of the WORD as it may be) is being invoked.

But in that scene, Hellboy made his choice, he broke the damned horns =)

So there were some very strong imagery used in Hellboy I ... but I am wont to see the same in Hellboy II so I was a little disappointed.

The last show i will talk about is Red Cliff or 赤壁

Why is there a hoo ha over Lin Chiling... I really dun find her pretty.

I thought Takashi looks rather mischievious... is Zhuge Liang supposed to be mischievious??? I dunno. Zhao Wei has eye bags.... i guess she is growing old (compare with her stint in huanzhu gege)... Seeing her old, i feel old. I remember how A used to be addicted to Huanzhu gege.. and that was like in my uni or JC days....

I thought the show was quite well done... a little bloody and the CGI is sometimes overdone

But I actually think the currently running serial Shao Nian Yang Jia Jiang on TCS 8 on Sundays is rather good too so.... whatever I guess =)

And I do love the ending theme song

Er Shi Nian by Zhang Meng Meng (张萌萌)

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