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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Why do I smile

Many have always asked me why do I smile.. why do I keep smiling.

The truth is?

They don't know me well enough to know that is not true =)

But I do smile alot. I have thought about it at length and I understand that most would not be able to understand the more abstract reasons.. but I have thought about it at length and came up with three simple reasons why I keep smiling.

Reasons that are perhaps easier to digest. =)

But first, Why I think I smile alot:

I like to think that I see the good in things . The simplest joy and wonder can be seen in the most mundane of things. This is also why I do not like travelling. It seems a bit of a waste. Not because I am stingy (as i would think is the most interpreted view/assumption) but because the mountains and valleys do not fascinate me. Not that they are not magnificent, indeed they are. But they hold no more value than the cracks and nooks and crannies in an old rock or block of cement. Thats shoulds negative =) Why not I put it in a positiver direction. Or the way I see it =). Do you not see the mountains in the plain common rocks. Do you not see the great rivers and seas in the rivulets and bodies of water? When it rains, does the flowing water not resemble the rivers?

When you see the commonality in things, how things are so wonderous. How can one not smile? =)

Thats is my reason.

Actually there are many reasons to smile.

God is good! Man is bad, but that does change God. or nature for that matter. People get angry when they talk about how nature will survive anything that Man throws at it. They speak with a vengence, they revel in retribution. But I see it as a wonderous thing that, Man can obliterate himself. But the world will go on. I think its beautiful =) We can't change Man, but we can enjoy Nature.

Oh you want the three reasons.. of course of course. We'll come to that =) . All in good time as they say.

Monday, August 10, 2009

UP moview review (mabbe spoiler) but yah its past the first day =P

Whoo hoo.. so fast right. A movie review =P

Just watched UP with my family, my sis brought her bf so thats five of us!

UP is a show about dreams.

About dreams being crushed or laid to rest.. or giving up dreams.

The first portion was probably the saddest. You see the old'man "Mr Fredrickson"'s entire life flash before you.

Dreams unfulfiled (his wife) which he felt guilty about.. but actually his wife already laid that dream to rest to live another dream. With him.

Those dreams were their childhood dreams. They held on til adulthood, but had to put off those dreams for financial reasons. They dream of having kids, but could'nt. Then the fat kid comes along.

The fat kid was right though, the boring parts of life, are the ones you remember the most.

One thing that hit me is how caught with life we are. I would love to have a cosy sweet life. Living within my means and being satisfied. But it might leave me utterly unprepared for the future. Society and economics may not look kindly if I do not have the means to survive. In up, the pausible reality makes everything nice and rosy. But in real life one sometimes may never have a second chance. One can't simply yell squirrel and have everything work out.

Yet that is the charm of UP. There is the sobbering truth. And then there is the illusion that everything can be made right.

Me? I died a little when I saw the first portion. Its never right that something beautiful should come to an end and be defiled. That everything you worked so hard for can be taken away so easily. The part where the old man held on to the broken mail box was all the more heart wrenching when you see how helpless he is. Perhaps mortality is what makes life beautiful. But I hate it. I hate goodbyes.

But UP is also about letting go and starting anew... again it may simply be an illusion so easily achieved in a cartoon. But the simplest stories sometimes hold the greatest truths. Perhaps one simply have to let go and move on to a new adventure. Easier said than done surely. But such is life.

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Sunday, August 09, 2009

I am still alive yes

I guess I should write something... anything..

its just that at the computer.. I can't bring myself to write anything...

but when walking about I would have an inspiration to write something... and rather lengthy too!

Hence the beauty of the netbook =)

ah well....

I'll have to change if this blog is to survive. I probably will not be verbose. Not that I ever was =)

So its one day after NDP which is uneventful for me. This year it fell on a Sunday, so today monday it is a holiday.

I think I shall use it to do a bit of coding. Do a bit of work learn abit.

Like whether a it is good to have a single massive table or to break it up in to several smaller tables.


Alrighty a few movie reviews coming up!!!
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