A Huffalump lives here: August 2008

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sometimes after some alone time in the poop hole (aka the toilet)


You have to wonder.

How can something so small...

Smell so bad.

Goodday to you too.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Little nits in life

It funny how you learn important nits of things from the smallest things...

One of which is from the Sapling.

"Do not not look at the illusions you fear or want for by doing so you give it strength, instead look at it and know it for what it is"

or something to that effect =)

This struck me as so many things are deceptive in this world.

Money, sex (beauty), power.

People fear being rich or fear wanting to be rich for fear of being seen as greedy. People fear looking at pretty gals in the eye for fear of being seen as hum sup. People fear being able to look at another in the eye for fear of being seen as aggro and getting beated up. People like to be moralistic and sit on their high places.

Well to me this statement speaks, do not fear! If we are carnal, we are carnal. We are built like that.

It is alright to lust and want, BUT.

It is also important to remember that you have a brain and there is such a thing as self control.

This does not mean that you deprive yourself or put up a false front.

but it does mean understanding and accepting what or who you are and being the best person that you can be.

If you decide that I am speaking hubris and you have some sort of moral high ground then good luck to you. I hope for your sake that you are indeed as perfect as you seem, for I have seen too many imperfect people pretending to be perfect then imploding and hurting themselves and others.

Another nice line was from the show Young Yang Warriors

where the 4th brother said:

"If I have to face it anyway, why worry about my chances"

He was injured and had little chance against his opponent. But still he showed up for the duel to lose. I guess it is about the same as "going down fighting" or like when Daniel said "even if there is no God, we would not serve you (Nebuchanazzar)". It is standing for what you believe in, standing for the one you love.

Sometimes the cards you get dealt with in life say "you lose".

Which is pretty true about many of the circumstances that we find our selves in.

Of course one must first then decide, MUST we face it =) or are there other avenues.

But what if there are truly no other avenues?

If you must face the music.
How would you dance?
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