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Sunday, August 12, 2007

881 - a review

The Show 881 was surprisingly good.

It was mostly in Hokkien and there was alot of humour. but alot of the humour is local based.

I do not know if the songs sung are the typical getai songs, but if they are, they are rather depressing =P

I loved the song 一人一半 though, it was very touching though like alot of old songs, you need to read the lyrics to understand it.

After hearing all the songs about misery, it is refreshing to hear one about the tender moments between two people. The simple act of sharing. I like to think it is a chinese thing to share and offer something of your own as a sign of acceptance and friendship, but I guess it isa universal value. Something very human and sweet.

I also do not know if it is a hokkien thing, those songs I mean. Is it that they love to dwell on the negative side? Or is it just bravely facing facts? Or is it a hopeless resignation to the vagarities of life? Perhaps life is too good for me to understand the things they say, but I am glad to have a glimpse of it. it never fails to amaze me how unrooted I am. How detached from reality my life has been at times.

Though I have said earlier that I wonder why they reflect on the negative things, but in the show, little papaya was about to die. Time is running out, and being positive is not helping her get any better. The same for the guy in debt his whole life, the guy who gambled and is a disgrace to his family, the guy who has cancer (or like little papaya) and is going through alot of pain. Perhaps songs like those sung are not about being positive or negative, but rather are reflections of the situations. And in familiarity, the audience finds comfort, whatever cold comfort there is.

It is most strange but it makes me think of National Day =P

I feel so lucky that: If we as humans like to sing songs that reflect the times. I am glad that we are able to sing songs of happiness and prosperity and dreams. I am glad not to have to sing overtly patriotic songs, but songs that encourage me to go further. Whether the situation or agendas are really in line with the songs, I am glad that we are able to sing those songs, as it does mean that we can still afford to. (And you though National Day was really just about blowing up millions of dollars in fireworks ;P)

I am probably not done writing this post, I am still rushing a final year project =P I like to ramble and draw my own conclusions and see little nuances in the show. Thats why I like mindless action movies or slapstick comedies better than thought provoking movies, given my nature, I would spend less time analysing it lol

In the meantime here is something I found in Youtube!

Apparently thats the trailer.

And here is another scene (the song yearning):

And wow...

I am not the only one in love with that song =)

There is another haunting melody in the movie which they play when they hit the tender moments. I believe they played it in the kissing scene between Yeo Yann Yann and 牛奶瓶 (at least thats how I remember him lol) and a few other times.

Some music touch and move you deeply, it makes you react, that melody was one of those. Haunting, desperate, hopeless yet hopeful... ultimately resigned. Given that fate seems to be a central theme, the song was very evocative.

Perhaps that tune was about love.

But that where a funny thought comes.

Mo Zuodong said to VV about Zhan Zhan:

Love is complicated. Women ah. 没有又烦, 有了又嫌 (referring to love)

Well, when he said it, it was alot more amusing I am sure, but thats the gist.

So there you have it, two very different facets of love, one so very funny, the other so beautifully painful.

Heres an interview with Roystan tan

How much do I like the song?

I like it enough to actually try to fix the sound on my PC lol

All the while my PC could not play the flash videos on YouTube (yeah.. not much for Youtube.. I know I know I am old man fine...)

But I did it just so I could hear the song =P

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Friday, August 10, 2007

Kinship ~~ 天老地荒

Just watching TV and musing I guess.

Currently watching "Kinship" or shou3 Zhu2 手足

The people on this forum don't seem to like it much.

But i guess dramas get cliche after a while.

But I like the song.

I think it by Ah Du.

I like the last four words.


Which means forever.

But word by word it means when the heavens are old and the land is gone/kaputz/fallow???

or mabbe not forever.

Till the end of time or something like that.

The main link links to Mediacorp's main site

In other news, my current favourite show is To catch the uncatchable

Dayo Wong and Ada Choi are just so funny. I see and hear Mo Zuodong and I cannot help but laugh lol And Vivi is just hilarious. The whole thing runs a little like a comic and is very light hearted.

According to this little excerpt:

"Did’ya know: The drama ending created such a stir in Hong Kong after it was aired that TVB was compelled to film an alternate ending to appease the disgruntled viewers. The second ending was shown in a local entertainment programme but was not included in any subsequent releases overseas. "

The show must've been quite well loved in Hong Kong =)


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