A Huffalump lives here: January 2008

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Google is losing it?

I dunno...

I haven't been on blogspot for a long time.... yah life has its hold on you sometimes... but it was a pain logging in.... I had to log in 6 times just to post this.

1. Log into blogger (typo)
2. Log again (correct but blogger requires visual comfirmation)
3. Log again (Blogger says, "doit' with yah google account baby!!!")
4. Log into with google account (typo - hey I am pissed by now)
5. Log again (google wants visual confirmation)
5. yay i logged in!!!

That was dumb.

Remember why google did well?

Hassle free.

Clean interface.

now stupidity reigns.

WOOT for corporatisation!!!

Oh... and btw... there is another search engine putting out better results than google.

At least it got me Lotus Notes information

At least it got me C related programming stuff.

Google will do well to remember that it was a LATE comer and yet took the search market by storm.

The day google takes its success for granted, is the day the death knells ring.
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