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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Resident Evil: Extinction

Installment number 3 of the series.

Supposedly final, but seriously I hope they do not stop I like the series so far lol

Sure Milla Jovovich is just acting cool, but damn she is cool lol
And with all manner of sci-fi monster, bio-scare stuff, mutants and the ever iconic zombies.

Hey if you mix it well, its a hit =D

Based on the trailer, its less on the babe factor, but seems more on the zombies and music. But it looks like a fun ride!

Nothing too deep and philisophical, and with other Zombie shows running around like Dawn of the Dead etc, it is hardly new, but as aforementioned, this show is about fun and it dishes it out well.

Be forewarned though, you might what to get up to speed by checking out the first two shows. The second show made little sense to people who did'nt watch the first. It just hit the road running and took the ride from there. All action all music, and the third installment might not buck the trend ;)

Oddly though, for some reason I decided to look for "Resident Evil" and i realised it is due out 21 Sept, now is already 16th September, but I haven't heard a peep in Singapore. or maybe I am just so out of touch lol.

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