A Huffalump lives here: March 2015

Sunday, March 22, 2015

I haz a rock. Yes i do!

Oh wow.

Its been awhile.

I was just reading some of my older posts.

And I have come to a conclusion.

I think was smarter last time.  Somewhere. Somehow. I turn stupid. =)

Ah well.

Anyways facebook is a little scary I guess. I looked through the old comments and someone posted an email and said its alright to email her. I guess it was just a friendly gesture as I wrote something that she connected with. So I searched fb and lo and behold, I found her profile. I think she recently got married. The email thingie was 2009 lol. wow.

Anywasy, I am happy for her and she seems to have a good career and all. I contemplated adding her on fb. But there was no real reason to. I had contemplated adding because I thought it would be nice to know more people, especially if we think alike in some ways. I mentioned that I hate goodbyes, in addition to that I think everyone you meet in life is a link to you in this life time, a thread in the tapestry of your lifetime. I know there is a saying that life is a train ride and most people you meet are just passengers passing through, dropping off at different stations. But hey, I am the dude that keeps grass dropped by someone ;)  (I have thankfully gotten rid of the grass... I hope. Actually I am not sure, I need to check if I am really as stupid as I think :P I still got this old dumb red umbrella... I need to let go huh... may be I am really just pack rat in disguise.. oh dear I really am digressing are'nt I, see! Multitasking makes you stupid :p). 

Anyways I figured there was little point in adding her since it would be kinda weird. And what are we gonna talk about? "Oh hai, I play marvel avengers alliance and mousehunt these days..." Ermmm. yeah. So having not much to talk about is weird and adding after 5 years is weird. And I thought to myself this is so weird. And here I am talking to myself on a blogpost!

Anyways. Thats aside, there REAL reason I wanted to post was this!


woo hoo!!! Harry on the rocks! or I haz a rock! whatever =)

I thought he looked really cute and deserved a blogpost. So there! =D

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