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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Spiderman 3

It should have been just a little longer, there were so many themes, and some parts felt a little skimmed. Characters were not as deep, but not for lack of potential, but rather coverage. For instance the theif who stole in desperation. That could have been explored more, forgiveness is yet another theme, that the director tried to tie, Harry vs Spiderman, Spiderman vs Sandman. And of cause, the fatal flaw in all of us, the seed that slowly poisons us, was displayed but not explored.

Eddie broc, could have been handled better. Still the rendition of venom was actually VERY good. My initial reaction upon hearing that Venom would be in the picture was: huh?? How are they gonna do the face of venom??? Without lookin stoopid. Well i stand corrected, Venom was actually quite nicely done =)

I think make up did alot too. Harry looks really sad, and his face after being blown by his own bomb, was a portrait of pain and brokeness. Beset in his boyish cheery grin, it was quite a heartbreaking sight. Note that this was after spidey said the mean little, tryin' to live up to your daddy things to Harry, and from the first part we know that those were the insecurities that Harry had. So indeed dark spydey was alot better at "striking the heart" of the enemy.

Another theme running through the whole thing is the nice guy bad guy thing. And that is, no matter how emotional we are, we really should think before we speak. Because words can harm, hurt and miam a person. So make the right choice =) Which I guess was supposed to be the epinomous line for this part. But really choice was not a very strong theme, so *shrug*. Still the show has alot going for it. =)

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