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Friday, December 19, 2008

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Trailer !!!


Just wow.

Gambit woot!




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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Awww Jeanette....

Well this article was discussing whether Jeanette Aw will be propelled to stardom. I dunno I thought she was already quite popular =)

I think this would cement her position, but somehow her character does not come forth as strongly as that of Zoe or Fann (Even Fann gets the points for very fiery eyes =P)

Still I feel she did quite well for the show and kudos to everyone, as the show had alot of heart put into it. =)

But will it spell the ascend of Aw? I dunno, it might be the start, but somehow I do not feel it would propel her any higher than she already is =)

Her most memorable role? "Jing jing", even now my mom calls her that =)

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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Bond, Bolt and Birthday Blues

So on Saturday we celebrated my sis's birthday at mirama hotel.

So is this going to be a review of mirama hotel or Bolt.???

Good Lord I dunno.

Its a blog, its free form I guess. (That means I am spaced out and making idiotic comments)

So we ate the buffet at mirama. I think I ate lotsa pastries.

the was durian puffs. But not enought durian =(

I think I said to my sis's bf : "more custard than puff"... before realising that made absolutely no sense lol

The food was alright.

but I guess i just like simple white steamed chicken =)

Oh yah i just remembered why I am even writing about mirama (bear with me.. after watching Nemo I realised i am Dory incarnate)

The service was'nt too good.

Ah yes petty ol' me writing yet another complaint. But specifically the service by the staff was good. but there just were'nt many staff.

Even the manager strength seems to be half. Where in the past there were two, now there is only one. Its like what the spice girls sang about two becoming one I guess.

I am getting inane.


So after dinner we watched Bolt.

The super dog who could.

Anyways, not to spoil the movie (though its already all over TVMobile). But it is really the penultimate G rated movie =)

The movie has no adult themes. The jokes were mostly based on how cute Bolt was because he was utterly clueless. And towards the end there was some focus on pet responsibility. (The cat was abandoned).

There were other sub themes, like believe/faith in a person. How a TRUE friend should act etc. But mostly this was expressed by the crazy fat hamster(Rhino) who seemed delusional anyway =). I guess the point they were trying to make was that Bolt is a hero even without powers =) Ans another possible theme is that TV is not real =)

Overall this show was trying very hard to please everyone.

Madagascar was more raw and the jokes more slapstick/lame (which is what I enjoy unfortunately or not =P)

Overall definitely a keeper for families and pet lovers.

Other movies that I watched:

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

Well as mention i had my fill of slapstick =) The show was a riot. And oh ... why did they reduce Mort's airtime. Mort is so funny.

My sis and I have concluded that I like anything mousey that looks crazy!! lol

James Bond: Quantum of Solace

I actually have more to say about this... but I am getting tired... mabbe I will edit later...

But what comes to mind.... me and a colleague observed that. This james Bond is too gruffy. Te signature James bond is suave and a typical Brit gentlement. Pierce Brosnan was a little too american. This new one is Brit enough... but not suave.

And where are the women???????

When Pierce Brosnan was around, there were still women.

This new guy really does not look like the flirty sort.

So the sex scene where the female agent suddenly beds James Bond made absolutely no sense!!!

There was no attraction, they had little to no conversation. He asks her to look for something in the bathroom, suddenly he is MACHO MACHO MAN (sing the way buffy sings it) and she wants to bed him.



Otherwise the film was alright... not as dramatic as other James Bond movie, but the *evil* is more believable I guess.

Overall it was'nt a bad show. Its just that being a Bond movie, there were certain expectations... maybe I am showing my age here.... *sighz*

Good night people, its 1.26am in Singapore 081208

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Friday, December 05, 2008


Things change so fast, the IG website is down....

CLIPS has changed its main URL (though I think it is
definitely more organised!)

Randy Bueler got laid off???? *sighz*

Only one thing stays the same people.


I am still as useless as ever!!! lol

I think I'll pick up dance.



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